My dance background

My Art background

Started as a freestyle dancer when I was 16 with popping and breakin. After making it to the  semi finals on Sky 1s Got to Dance, I went on to perform for a variety of companies in multiple settings, such as; Olivier Awards, European Games Closing Ceremony, Peugeot UK tour, Argos Christmas advert and many more. 

In the last few years I've moved into theatre applying the technique of the street dance styles I've learned to exploring movement. In that time I have performed at; The Place London, Breakin Convention (North Carolina, Luxembourg &  London) as well as their 15th anniversary.

Over 12 years experience in Illustration and design which began studying ‘Fine Art & Illustration’ in college and graduating from Hatfield University with a degree in Illustration. 

I am commissioned for a wide variety of projects; from branding packages to character design to murals. I currently spend most of my time painting with my preference being portraits and animals.

My work

First is a strong foundation of tools: technique, speed and an understanding of the medium.

After that, the aim for me is to capture what’s important; about the subject, to the client and to me.  

When creating a piece of work my aim is to show a different perspective, how I see things. To get you to be present with the work and question how you feel/think about it at the time. 

This normally gets me in conversation with people where I get to hear how they perceived the piece or how they would've approached it.