High artis a commentary on the perception of the art form that is street dance.

This documentary was filmed and produced by TheCapsuleLdn to promote works in this series

Archetypes of movement’ is where I display street dance through the lens of fine art.

Poppers build their dance around certain types of movement, some of which are recognised as archetypes in fine art spaces. These movements are Contrapposto, Adlocutio and Serpentine.

The purpose of these works is to overcome any cultural, racial or classist barriers that prevent street dancers from being considered as artists.  

All works were displayed at the 'AIM Collective X ELD' exhibition.

Gestural drawings are perfect for displaying form and movement. Here I am using them to demonstrate the beauty in street dance, specifically 'popping'.

All works were displayed at the 'Named Space Exhibition'

Using an erratic and graffiti-esque aesthetic to overshadow the draftsmanship, the images are representative of how the crude descriptions of street dance can result in the artistry being created to go right over the heads of the audience. The assertions of our art form being meretricious come from those who have yet developed an eye for quality in our culture. For those who are discerning, you have the privilege of seeing these performers for what they are, artists.